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Daman Successfully Launches Super 11 Tournament

Abu Dhabi: 16 November 2013
Kicked off on Saturday the 16th of November the matches of the Super 11 Tournament of Schools Football, which is organized by the National Health Insurance Company Daman, as part of its children obesity fight progeam “ActiveLife”; in sponsorship of Al Jazira Club and Eintratch Frankfurt Club, and with technical management of Espana Sports Academy.
The first day matches played in Al Jazira outdoor pitches with participation of more than 700 children representing 24 schools; the teams has been divided into two groups, the first were the U-14 and the second were the U-16.
Dr. Sven Rohte, Chief Commercial Officer of Daman spoke to Al Jazira official website about what he saw in the first day.
He said: "It was very exciting to see the energy and effort the teams has put into the opening round this morning, and we are looking forward to see how each individual member will perform in the upcoming rounds, to impress the selection committee, and to become one of the Super 11. Rewarding peak performance by individual players is a key aspect of Super 11, but curbing childhood obesity is the main objective behind this initiative. We firmly believe that motivating children through fun and engaging activities will help them keep fit and change their attitude towards exercise which helps them maintain a healthy wait as they continue to grow into adulthood."

Mr. Juan Pedro Benali, the CEO of Espana Sports Academy expressed his satisfaction about the organization level of the first day of the tournament.
Speaking to, Mr. Benali thanked Daman for organizing the tournament and for its great participation in the community services generally, and for its efforts in fighting the children obesity in specific.
He also described the organization as very good, comparing to the large numbers of children, who came without any previous ideas about the locations of the pitches which they will play their matches on. He insisted that the great diligence and the effortless of the Academy supervisors and Daman and Al Jazira Club officials saved a lot of time, and helped to start the matches on its time.

From his side, Mr. Mario Luna the General Manager of the Academy and head of the committee which will select the Super 11 players, expressed his happiness about what he saw of great technical levels and very promising talents from the players who represented their schools in the first day. He also said that he is very happy to see the families and the children having their sports kits and their meals and drinks smoothly and continuously during the matching hours.
Speaking about the technical level of the first day matches, Mr. Luna revealed that some players drew his attention by the great skills they showed during the matches. However, he insisted that the 11 players who will spend a training period with in Eintracht Frankfurt will be announced after the end of the tournament matches, and after giving every child the chance to prove himself individually and collectively. In the end, he thanked Daman for organizing this event, and he wished best luck for all the participating players.