School Programme


The main objectives of Al Jazira football school’s program is to make football more fun for the young players, and help them learn the basics, while teaching them all types of moves knowing that the game is the best teacher, and one of the most important objectives is to build the club loyalty from early ages.


To develop better players by creating training environments where the coach’s focus is on development and not on the short-term result of a game. Our Long Term Player Development model is just that, “Long Term,” and we aim to provide a standardized structured support plan to guide our coaches in order to assist all our players in reaching their full potential in the game.

This long-term player development program aims to change the current mentality of the game and eliminate setting players up for failure (due to backward thinking). It also creates lifelong football enthusiasts, who are interested in the game for many years, and quality technical players who enjoy the real longevity of the game.

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